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"Council of the Humpback Whales"

breaching humpback whale

Read some of the comments of our satiesfied customers below. Write a review and if we publish it we will send you a free Humpback Whale sounds or Spinner Dolphin sounds CD of your choice.  
I really enjoyed the Whale CD. Is it possible to use some of the whale sounds for our band?
dolphindownunder (Dr Didge Dolphin) Australia
What a powerful sound healing. The Humpback songs are fantastic. I love listening to them and their information.
Craig, San Jose, California
We had such a wonderful experience being in the water with the whales, seeing them breach and hearing them sing. Your whale CD is incredible. We can't wait to come back for another one of your retreats next year!
Jennifer, L.A. California
I love the whale CD, thanks for making it possible to hear their songs. The energy of listening to them is very amazing. Thanks for the wonderful experience we had!
Michael and Trisha, Tahoe, Nevada.
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